Board Of Director Opportunity – Election Posting
Educational Centre Representative

Position Overview:

Educational Centre Representatives:

  • attends the monthly Student Association Board of Directors Meetings and the committees of the Board of Directors;
  • Participating in two class talks per semester to share with classes in their programs the work of the Student Association and
  • Connect with students within their Educational Centre in order to inform the advocacy work of the Student Association

Term of Office: May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025

Requirements for Office: Must be enrolled full time throughout their term of office.

Duties according the Voting Directors Accountability Manual:

Duties of Educational Centre Representatives
In Accordance with the By-Law 4, Section 1, and Section 6,

General Duties – Directors

1. Every Director in exercising their powers and discharging shall:

  • act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the Corporation; and
  • exercise the care, diligence, and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances.

General Duties – Educational Centre Representatives

6. Education Centre Representatives shall:

  • Receive a monthly honorarium of $600 and meet all the conditions mentioned below:
    • A work plan in advance for a month.
    • Providing detailed & completed monthly Board Report.
    • Meeting the obligation of attending board meetings and or notifying in advance with appropriate notice and regrets.
    • Participating in two class talks per semester.
  • Perform all duties as described in the Voting Directors Accountability Manua

*Refer to Appendix A for the mechanism to calculate honoraria.
**The remuneration shall be adjusted each year based on CPI increases.

Governance Oversight:

  1. Participate in and give feedback at monthly Board of Directors meetings, in person or otherwise.
  2. Provide written Report on work and future work to Board of Directors monthly using the approved board report template.
  3. Hold other Board Members and Executives accountable.
  4. Maintain membership on at least one standing committee and attend the meeting in office or stated otherwise.
  5. Must be on campus to attend and actively participate in all meetings of the board and or sub committees of the Board.
  6. Complete a transition report summarizing the year’s deliverables, key contacts, and works in progress and present the report to the General Manager and incoming Director of the same
    position during the mandatory transitional training.

Campaigns & Student Engagement:

  1. Participating in two class talks per semester (in person and virtual) per semester.
  2. Ensure students in your constituency are aware of who you are and how to contact you.
  3. Inform students of the services of the corporation and upcoming events and campaigns on campus and online.
  4. Connect members with appropriate supports within the corporation, as well as within the College.
  5. Plan and implement program-based forums, with the support of the Director Education and Equity and submit a proposal for Executive approval.
  6. Advocate on behalf of students facing issues in respective programs, with the support of the Director Education and Director Equity.
  7. Shall work on campus alongside SA Staff to promote events, campaigns, and organization’s priorities.

Communication & Relationship Building:

  1. Establish and maintain positive working relationships with Coordinators, Chairs, Directors and Deans in respective programs.
  2. Act as a liaison between the Student Association and your area of representation by bringing student feedback, issues, and concerns to the BOD and through formal communication and
    advisory group meetings and following through to ensure they are being addressed.
  3. Act as an ambassador of the corporation at events on all campuses and the College student residence

How to apply for this position:

To apply to be the Educational Centre Representative for your school fill out the nomination form at during the nomination period of March 4-14, 2023.

The position receives a monthly honorarium of up to $600.00 per month.

View the Job Description (PDF)