Director of Operations

Meet Erubey, an international student full with pride for his culture and ambition just like you. He´s a joyful and results-driven second-year Accounting student, with a passion for financial management and a commitment to serving you by making a positive impact on the student community. Born out of a rich cultural tapestry, he previously served as Research Director for an international NGO dedicated to students and is looking to have the honor to serve the community through his unique blend of skills, experience, and a deep understanding of your diverse needs. He wants to hear your needs and represent them, pledging to ensure absolute transparency in financial matters, fostering your trust and confidence among the student body. He knows the unique challenges faced by our international student population. As your advocate, he will seek resources, support services, and initiatives that address the specific needs of students from all backgrounds as he has deep respect for all cultures with ties to Indian, Desi, Chinese, Japanese, Viet, Persian, Arabic, African and Latin Cultures. Erubey envisions a future where every student feels heard, represented, and empowered to succeed. With a background in accounting, global experience, and a commitment to cultural diversity, he is well-equipped to lead as Director of Operations. Erubey is your advocate and together will shape a campus that hears your voice and reflects the richness of our cultural diversity and the aspirations of every student.