Director of Operations Nominee

Hey, I’m Sanjhvi Dogra(Sanjh), and I’m an international student here to support and enhance our student community. As the Director of Operations, I wear a few hats to make sure our experience is top-notch.

Besides the financial responsibilities, you may have also come across me in the Student Nutrition Office, where I’ve been dedicated to ensuring that our fellow students have access to nutritious meals. In terms of academics, I’m currently pursuing a course in computer programming and analysis, which has deepened my problem-solving skills.

Beyond the classroom, I’m an explorer at heart. I love to travel and discover new horizons. It’s in these experiences that I find inspiration and fresh perspectives to bring back to our student community.

I keep a watchful eye on our finances, ensuring our budget and financial statements are in order. I also dive into sponsorship requests, making sure they’re a good fit for us. Plus, I handle the nitty-gritty legal stuff as a signing officer, overseeing contracts and cheques to ensure everything runs smoothly. Think of me as your go-to person for making our student journey awesome, and I’m excited to make the most of our time here together! 🎓💼🌟

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