Director of Education and Equity Nominee

Parth Dave
Candidates Statement:

Hey George Brown College fam,

Have you heard of it? Parth is stepping up to the plate as your next Director of Education and Equity! Get ready to supercharge our campus with inclusivity, opportunity, and jaw-dropping academic growth.

As your Director, I’ll tackle the monstrous challenge of rising education costs like a pro. Financial aid? More of it, please! Affordable housing? You bet! Together, we’ll create a diverse and inclusive space where everyone can unleash their inner genius.

But that’s not all, folks! Mental health and wellness are top priorities, and I’m here to champion your well-being. Teaming up with counselors, faculty, and student organizations, we’ll boost mental health services and strike the perfect work-life balance. Georgetown College will become a sanctuary for academic success and personal Zen.

Representation? Absolutely! I’ll join forces with underrepresented groups and organizations to make sure your voices are heard loud and clear. We’re in this together, and I’m here to amplify your perspectives.

So, don’t snooze on election day! Vote for Parth as Director of Education and Equity and let’s create a George Brown College that’s better, bolder, and more brilliant than ever!

Thanks for your support, let’s rock our campuses !

Best regards,