Director of Education and Equity Nominee

Meha Modi
Candidates Statement:

Hello, my name is Meha Modi, and I am deeply committed to the values of education and equity which motivates me to become your future Director of Education and Equity. After connecting with several students and being one myself, I am passionate about ensuring that all students have equal access to educational opportunities and resources.

If given the opportunity to serve as the Director of Education and Equity, I would prioritize fighting for fair fees for international students. I believe that financial barriers should not limit access to education, and I am committed to working with the college administration to advocate for policies that reduce financial barriers and ensure that all students can access quality education.

In addition, I would work to aim that co-op programs are paid and provide valuable work experience and financial support to students. I will be committed to collaborating with relevant departments to review and improve the co-op programs to ensure that they are equitable and provide fair compensation for students.

I also believe that all students should have access to safe and comfortable accommodations. I would work with the college’s housing department to identify areas for improvement and develop policies and initiatives that support the provision of affordable and comfortable accommodation for students.

Finally, as the Director of Education and Equity, I would prioritize the elimination of discrimination within the college community. I would work closely with student groups, faculty members, and the administration to develop and implement policies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and to address any instances of discrimination or bias that may arise.

In summary, I believe that I have the skills and experience necessary to be an effective Director of Education and Equity, and I am eager to contribute to the fight for fair fees for international students, paid co-op programs, good accommodation, and a discrimination-free college. I would be honoured to have your vote and support.