Director of Education and Equity Nominee

Mohammad Usman
Candidates Statement:

I am Usman, and I am running for the position of Director of Equity and Education. I propose several significant changes, including providing presto passes through the school, replacing expired SNAP benefits with gift cards, eliminating unfair extra tuition fees, increasing scholarships opportunities, and by securing more sponsorships, I also intend to improve fun parties standards and reduce their costs.I am committed to fulfilling these promises, and have set a deadline of six months after being elected to deliver on them. In terms of my qualifications, I hold credentials in dual credit criminal justice from Centennial College, forensic science from Seneca, health and safety from George Brown, and am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management.My past experiences include volunteer work with political parties, where I engaged in activities such as soliciting votes and securing donations. I also participated in a youth leadership program with the YMCA. By doing events and programs in my highschool i got equipped myself with the necessary skills to turn my proposed changes into reality. In the event that I fail to deliver on my promises, I will resign from my position immediately.