Director of Student Experience Nominee

Piyush Chowdhury
Candidates Statement:

Hello everyone,

I am Piyush Chowdhury, studying post-graduation in digital media marketing. I am a positive, fun-loving guy who loves to network with new people and build meaningful connections.
It was my first time living alone and out of my country when I moved to Canada in August 2022, I know how difficult it can be to come out of your comfort zone and adjust to a completely different world without your loved ones. That is why it is equally important for the college and the student association to ensure that all the students feel safe and feel at home.
I try my best to be a part of most of the college events which has helped me get a feeling of belonginess here.

I want to be elected as your Director of Student Experience because I know how important it is to get that feeling of belongingness here. I have a few innovative ideas that can ensure the college events are more accessible to all the students and they are able to participate in fun and recreational events.

I have a vision of enhancing the college experience of existing and new students, I want students from all backgrounds and cultures take part and benefit from the recreational activities and create a safe environment in college where every student feels safe, heard, and can express themselves.

I am looking forward for this opportunity.

Piyush Chowdhury