Director of Student Experience Nominee

Peter Corno
Candidates Statement:

My name is Peter Corno, I am the class representative for the construction management program. This is my second semester at George Brown college and during that time my friend and I started a foosball club. The reason we started the club wasn’t just because it is one of the activities we do on our spare time, but it also gave us a reason to meet new people. Throughout going to the commons area, we met a lot of nice people, and that’s when we had the idea to start the club. The club is not just to play foosball, but to bring people together and have a fun time especially after covid. With that little and slightly under detailed story I would like to bridge off and explain how that fits the role of director of student experience. With the role of director of student experience not only will I try to make your experience better with my ideas, but I will also hear your ideas and help bring them to life. This is why I want to run for director of student experience.