Director of Student Experience Nominee

Anahita Gholizadeh
Candidates Statement:

My name is Anahita Gholizadeh, and I study Business Marketing at GBC. To summarize myself in a paragraph, learning about new cultures and new languages fascinates me. I am passionate about people, and I love to travel and discover new places. First when I heard about the position and the election I was enthralled at the challenge, however my decision to run for the position was based on all the opportunities the role offers for excelling student life.I aim to promote and support student leadership development, by involving students as much as possible in every decision, and make room for collaborative activities. I look forward to working with the director of Education and Equity to advance our advertising strategies, with the goal of raising awareness regarding events and college activities. I believe this position is about listening to students, all their wants and needs, and I intend to address the issues and provide appropriate solutions.I am committed to studying trends and student’s responses to maximize the joys and pleasures of being a GBC student.