Director of Student Experience Nominee

Navjot Kumar
Candidates Statement:

Navjot Kumar is a 22-year-old hyperactive and supportive individual from Punjab, India. He has accomplished remarkable feats at a young age, including publishing a book and serving as a director at a pool table manufacturing company(a family owned business). Navjot’s outstanding physical strength, leadership skills, and athletic abilities are complemented by his excellent public speaking skills. He was born in the land of the great leader Bhagat Singh, and his honesty and purity of character are a testament to his roots. He is a problem-solver extraordinaire and has extensive experience with life’s struggles.
Currently, Navjot is pursuing a program in food and beverage management, which includes a event management course in program. This makes him well-suited for a role as the director of student experience, where he can apply his skills and knowledge to organize successful events and ensure students have the best possible experience. Navjot is also passionate about volunteering and making a positive impact in his community. He enjoys playing sports and exploring new interests, writing and singing making him a well-rounded individual with a bright future.