Director of Student Experience Nominee

Simran Malhotra
Candidates Statement:

I am Simran Malhotra doing business administration majoring in human resources. I have been Director of Student Experience in the Student Association for year 2022-2023 and I am excited to nominate myself for the same post as there are a lot of things that we have achieved in the past year, and we still have so many things to conquer for the upcoming year. If I come back, would be in charge of managing the different projects and activities that contribute to improving students overall college experiences. I am strong advocate for assisting students in realising their full potential and flourishing throughout their stay at the college. I have excellent leadership and communication skills, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that students face in college. I am someone who already has an experience and that could provide an edge to work collaboratively with other members of the student association, as well as with college administrators, faculty, and staff. I would be developing programmes and activities that encourage student participation, sociability, and personal development are created and put into action along with advocating for student needs and interests within the college administration and other decision-making bodies