Arts, Design and Information Technology Educational Centre Representative Nominee

Sheela Makhija
Candidates Statement:

I am Dr. Sheela Makhija and I am expressing interest in the Education Center Representative position.As a highly motivated individual with a passion for education, I am confident that I possess the skills and experience necessary to excel in this role.
I am currently pursuing Health informatics post graduation certificate (T402). I hold a Master’s degree in Hospital administration and have worked as a teaching assistant for two years,which has equipped me with strong communication and organizational skills. I also possesses a strong work ethic,a positive attitude,and a genuine desire to help students succeed.I am confident that I can effectively represent our college and help students understand the benefits of the education program offered.
As an Education Centre Representative in a college, my agenda is improving academic facilities, prioritizing student welfare, creating communication channels between students and faculty, developing a relevant and inclusive curriculum, promoting student engagement, implementing sustainability initiatives, and ensuring accessibility for all students.