Business Educational Centre Representative

Syed Bazlur Rahman
Candidates Statement:

Hello GBC Business! I’m Syed, a business student just like you. That’s not where our similarities end; as I’m also trying my best to manage courseload, work as well as network to land a place in the corporate world. Juggling everything can be daunting as a business student and that’s where I come in, as your very own student representative. My value proposition to you is simple: maximize your return on the investment you have made on your business education.
I’ll deliver this by (i) Organising major and semester-specific initiatives to enhance your resume. Whether you’re in marketing or HR, first semester or graduating; I will advocate relentlessly for more skill workshops, networking events and other opportunities which will help you navigate your career.
Moreover, I will (ii) Make sure you have every resource available to succeed academically. If you’re struggling with any course, it is the responsibility of my office to connect you the appropriate resources. Finally, (iii) I will listen to and voice your concerns. I will mold my office according to the values I hold dear: inclusivity and empathy. Your every concern bears equal importance to me, and I look forward to being in business with you!