Construction and Engineering Technologies Educational Centre Representative Nominee

Zin Hein
Candidates Statement:

Hello everyone! I am Zin Hein. I am an international student from Myanmar, who has been studying at GBC in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Design program since January 2023.

I am running to be your Student Representative for the Centre of Construction and Engineering Technologies (CCET) because I believe there is untapped potential in our departmental services and have discovered more opportunities for development throughout my first semester. I am best known among my peers for the initiatives I am willing to take. Since the college re-opened in January 2023, I have been volunteering with the Student Leadership Academy/Volunteer Squad. Despite being a first-semester Student, I visited several Career Fairs, while having neither experience nor a resume in hand. Doing so taught me the impact these events can have on students’ future during their studies and after their graduation.

These are the three changes I will strive to make during my tenure as the CCET Representative: more efficient and frequent career fairs that stretch over several days; additional tutoring service for program-specific subjects such as CAD; and more co-op opportunities in our department. Join me in taking an initiative to achieve our shared goals.