Construction and Engineering Technologies Educational Centre Representative Nominee

Ashveer Singh
Candidates Statement:

From representing the college at extramural basketball tournaments to serving the students as a member of the Student Nutrition Access Program (SNAP), I take pride in the fact that I’m a husky. I want to carry that pride forward and keep serving the students of George Brown college because that is what brings me real joy. That is why I nominated myself for the position of Construction and Engineering Technology (C.E.T.C) department representative. As a first year Architecture Student, i realised that it can be hard to grasp the information all together ,and reference books and material can be hard to come by. As the C.E.T.C. representative, my goal would be simply to make the lives of the students easier and take away some of their stress. I will become YOUR VOICE. Making books available at the book store and making lifetime e-books available would be my priority. My goal would be to bring more architectural and construction firms to our college for job fairs, so that students can get better exposure, make connections and gain knowledge from industry experts. I’d also make sure that companies hire a higher number of students directly from the college.