Preparatory and Liberal Studies Educational Centre Representative Nominee

Ronaldo Weir
Candidates Statement:

Dear fellow students,

Growing up on an island has taught me the importance of community, resilience, and adaptability. As a candidate for Preparatory and Liberal Studies Educational Centre Representative, I bring these ideals to the table and believe they will be extremely beneficial to our curriculum.

The Preparatory and Liberal Studies curriculum encourages students to balance a varied variety of studies and requirements, much as living on an island requires us to be resourceful and imaginative. I recognize the difficulties this can cause, and I am committed to collaborating with academics and staff to ensure that our curriculum fulfills the requirements of all students.

If elected, I’ll work to create a welcoming and inclusive community that fosters academic and personal growth. I’ll advocate for increased resources and support for students and will be transparent and accountable in my role as your representative.

Like the ocean that surrounds my home island, I’m open to feedback and suggestions from my fellow students. I’ll keep you informed about important issues affecting our program and will work to incorporate your input into my work.

Thank you for considering me for this position. Let’s work together to make our program the best it can be