Student Representative to the Board of Governors (GBC Position) Nominee

Marion Shevlin
Candidates Statement:


My name is Marion Shevlin and I am running to be YOUR Student Representative on the Board of Governors. What does that mean? That means I will be working for you, advocating for George Brown students and making sure that George Brown prioritizes students.

When I was the Business Educational Representative in 2021 – 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. I fought for Ukranian students as was able to help introduce the Ukranian student bursary and fought for the SA to donate to charities advocating for Ukranians.

Now as inflation increases and employment becomes less certain I will fight for more on campus jobs for students. Every job on the student association that can be filled by students should be filled by students. That means more advertising of available jobs directly to students and prioritizing students in the hiring process.

Vote Marion Shevlin, vote Prioritizing the Student!