Director of Operations

Position Overview:

  • The Director of Operations:
    • reviews financial information including the monthly financial statement of the corporation, the annual budget, the annual audit and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on those documents as appropriate.
    • reviews sponsorship requests and makes recommendations to the executive on those requests; and
    • is a signing officer for cheques and contracts for the Student Association

Summary of Role of the Board of Directors as per VDAM:

  • The job of the Board is to lead the organization toward the desired performance and assure that it occurs.
  • More specifically Board shall:
    • Determine the mission, values, strategies, and major goals/outcomes and hold the General Manager accountable for developing a staff strategic plan based on these policies.
    • Determine the parameters within which the General Manager is expected to achieve the goals/outcomes.
    • Monitor the performance of the organization relative to the achievement of the goals/outcomes.
    • Maintain and constantly improve all on-going policies of the Board in this Manual.
    • Select, fairly compensate, nurture, and evaluate annually the General Manager, who functions as the Board’s sole agent.
    • Ensure financial solvency and integrity through policies and behavior. g) Require periodic financial and other external audits to ensure compliance with the law and good practices.
    • Evaluate and constantly improve the Board’s performance as the governing board and set expectations for individual involvement as volunteers.

Term of Office:

January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024

Requirements for Office:

  • Must be enrolled as a student throughout their term of office with a course load of no more than fifty percent of the normal course load of a student in your program.
  • Must have at least a 3.0 Grade point average.
  • Must submit a letter of reference during the elections process.
  • Cannot have election or employee discipline on file in previous elections, as a member of the Board of Directors, or as a staff member of the Student Association.
  • Must pass a test based on session provided by the Chief Returning Officer on the structure of the Student Association and the duties of the position.
  • Cannot be employed by the College during their term of office.

How to apply for this position:

To apply to be the Director of Operations fill out the nomination form at during the nomination period of November 6-15, 2023.

The position receive a remuneration of $17 per hour for a 28 hour work week.

For full details in the position of Director of Operations please see the Voting Directors Accountability Manual, pages 13-15.